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Japan (continued)


Shinto Mysticism

Shrine-State Debate

Enthronement ceremony for the new Emperor irritates secular critics


Nobody Wants to Enlist

Japanís Military Gets No Respect

Despite huge defense budget, the army has its hands tied


The Imperial Secret

Cancer in Japan is Taboo

They wonít tell Emperor Hirohito what heís dying from


Sony in Alsace

The Japaning of Europe

Japanese companies are scaling the ramparts of Fortress Europe


Bird Cage Interrogations

Forced Confessions

Japan's criminal justice system Marred by human rights abuse


Angry underclass

Japan's Worst Slum

Day-labor ghetto in Osaka shows the face of poverty amid fabulous wealth


Eying Stardom

Japan Ambitious Space Program

Prospects of traveling the heavens combine scientific and commercial interests












Buddhist Extremism?

Mixing Politics with Dharma

Japanís ambitious Komeito party backed by controversial Soka Gakkai sect


A lust for trees, a love of wood

Decimating the Rainforests

Cultural appreciation of fine hardwood contributes to unsustainable logging


Lesson in Aluminum

Problems with Foreign Aid

Japanís $8 billion aid benefits the donor, not necessarily the recipient


Last Natural River

Japanís Lost Nature

After paving over the rivers in concrete, Japanese ponder their ruined ecosystem



Reluctant Martyr

The city tries to remember Ė and forget Ė its atomic heritage


Rethinking Whales

From Eating to Watching Them

Eco-friendly Japanese are beginning to celebrate the whales