Selected Articles (2001-2005)


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Asia and the Pacific Rim


 Afghan War


The Taliban are Alive and Well in Pakistan


Road to Kandahar: Despite War, Life Goes On


Pakistan's Gritty Home for Afghan Refugees 


Northeast Asia


Is Japan Thinking about Going Nuclear?


The Troubled Legacy of Kim Dae-jung


Does North Korea have the Q-Bomb?



Southeast Asian Front


Indonesia's Brand of Moderate Islam 


Southeast Asia Braces for Terrorism Backlash


Tainted Military Regaining Influence in Indonesia


Sectarian Terror in Indonesia’s Outlying Islands





Micro Finance: Bringing the Internet to the Village


Luring Technology Investors Home to Kerala


Toxic E-waste in New Delhi's Back Alleys





Tale of Two Shanghais: Heritage in a boom town


IPR Wars: Beijing's problem wit piracy


Cheap Yuan: A hindrance to free trade?


Competition for Commodities: Higher global costs






The E-Waste Project

An investigation electronic waste dumping in Southern Chinr



Business & Technology


Global Business


Baksheesh: Welcome to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 

The Oakland Port: Mighty Trader Center, empty exports 

First thing we do, Export all the Lawyers  

The Offshoring Debate


Offshoring is Hot on the Presidential Campaign Trail 


Secrecy the Word: Can't say where the tech jobs go 


Visa Puzzle: Outsourcing jobs aren’t for Americans


Wipro’s Vivek Paul: Indo-American CEO in the Maelstrom



Opinion & Analysis


Distracted by Iraq: Bush ignores the mess in North Korea


Asia's New Democracies: Built from within, unlike Iraq


Playing the Q-Bomb Card: Is North Korea bluffing or crazy?


Tale of Two Shanghais: Sleepy heritage, skyscraper boom


How to Snitch for Your Country: The Orwellian war on terror 


Axis of Evil: Forcing North Korea into a dangerous corner