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Japan & Asia    



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Could it happen again?

50 Years after Pearl Harbor

Japan’s pacifists worry about smoldering nationalism


Yakuza on the Run

Citizens Stand Up

Irate community battles tattooed gangsters


The value of “Gaman”

Regard M. Suzuki

Self-denial wears thin for the Japanese everyman


Hitler’s Gift to Hirohito

The Axis: Odd Twins on the Ascent

Japan’s Nazi embassy is an unapologetic cultural center


Literally Eating Gold

A Gilded Age for Japan

iFinancial Bubble cuisine: gold flakes in the sushi and sake


 Loudspeakers at a Zen Garden
Japan’s Cult of Noise
Citizens revolt against ubiquitous, iamplified chatter 



Japan Stories





Okinawa’s Spiritual Advisors
Shamans Guide Troubled Lives
The supernatural is alive and well in the southern islands


Harrier Jets in the Backyard

The New Battle of Okinawa

US bases are choking Okinawa and facing local ire


Blue Coral Under Siege

The Struggle in Shiraho

Okinawa’s last pristine reef is endangered by pork-barrel



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The Irish of Asia
Koreans Love to Wax Lyrical
Poetry rules in amid political strife and Cold War era


Troves of Urchins`

Korea’s Henyo divers

Masters of the sea – but second citizens on Land


Korean Women

It's Suffer, Not Suffragette

Despite flowering democracy, men rule in Confucian society



China & Southeast Asia


The Asahan Dam

Japan Aid: the Give and Take

Who really benefits from Tokyo’s $8 billion Aid Program?


Nomadic Entrepreneurs

Guanxi Pays Off

Networking is a way of life for the Chinese diaspora


Garbage Rivalry 

Fat City of Infrastructure

Taiwan’s boom offers hotly contested contracts


Unsung Malaysia

Chip-maker Extraordinaire

Malaysia is catching up, taking the mercantile way to trade



Tiananmen Square


Fresh Recruits: Students face Young Soldiers

Weary Protesters Won’t Budge from Square

Workers Join Students in Solidarity

Hong Kong Sees its Beijing Nightmare on TV

Shanghai Returns to Chaos-as-Usual

Killing Chickens to Scare the Monkeys