COLUMN ONE and other selected stories 

Local & Regional


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Los Angeles & Southern California


Koreatown After the Riots

Moving Between Two Worlds

Koreans struggle to keep traditions and chase the American Dream


LA's Shabby Downtown

Bringing Life Back to the City's Center

A requiem of despair over crime, squalor and high vacancy rates


Mainland Millionaires?

Breathing Life into the Southland

New Chinese immigrants are invigorating LA’s lackluster economy


Living Off Expatriate Labor

The Filipino Diaspora

No work at home, so Filipinos have scattered around the globe







West Coast & Pacific Rim



In Search of Cascadia

Pacific NW and Canada ponder culture of environmentalism



Japan's Bubble  Goes to Vegas

Easy Come, Easy Go
Japanese Tap out in Las Vegas
Casinos elude the potential tsunami of investment 

Lost in Translation
High Roller Ken Mizuno
Is he a bunco artist or just a sap for high-stakes baccarat?